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Why Menopause Matters?
The fact is 100% of the population will be affected by menopause one way or the other and it can have a dramatic impact on family life, relationships and in the workplace. Menopause affects women differently but for many it comes with unpleasant physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms. There has been a shift in attitude […]
Cold Water Therapy
My first memory of being in water was when I was 5 years old. I can remember the feeling of freedom and just pure, sheer joy, feeling the silky touch of the water on my skin, which is incredible given that the day before I'd had a life-threatening accident. I had fallen through a glass […]
Autism Pride
Autism Pride Day This annual event was first celebrated by the Aspies for Freedom organisation in 2005, to raise awareness for those not on the autism spectrum and it was modelled on the gay pride movement. The main difference is that it is not run by charities but by autistic people themselves. It is dedicated […]

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